Delia Von Rueti
Jeweler artist, philanthropist, and agriculture development.
Delia is an artist living as a free spirits between Bali, London and Zurich. She creates only one of a kind Jewelleries and strives to make a difference trough her design. She has inspired other designers and Delia is committed in the value of sharing and the benefit of having a fusion of creativity and ideas among artisans. In her journey as an artist and philanthropist, she is determined to support the community around the globe, as well as among her Balinese artisans community.
Her main focus are women’s empowerment and education for all. She believes both pillars are fundamental for the economic development. She engaged in providing income for farmers from the palm oil plantation. Her success stories of sustainable farming often use by many other development agencies as a good best practices and show case of public and private partnerships.
She often referred as the voice of hope for instance her effort for sustainable-palm oil plantation has proven to be the right solution for farmer community to generate sustainable income, preserve the natural heritage, and contribute to the whole society well-being.
She believe, people aren't as beautiful as their look, as their walk nor as their talk. They are only as beautiful as their love, as their care and as their share. Let's be one of the most beautiful people in our life time, be jewels and Love Love Love...